The most gratifying praise we have received is from our satisfied clients over many years. This is evidenced by their continued confidence and patronage as well as by their referrals of other clients. Below is a sample of what our clients say about our services:

[Pamir] has been (and continues to be) a most trusted adviser, especially in providing diverse corporate support in regional M&A and investment projects as well as comprehensive strategic intellectual property litigation support such as in a victorious eight year "battle of titans" trade secret litigation in U.S., Taiwan and China, resulting in favorable (to TSMC) judgments in China, Taiwan and the U.S. and in multiple hundreds of million dollar settlement.

[Nick Chen] is one of the most astute folks in ferreting out the real facts (rice-paddy myth has him walking a field in China to determine a potential unreported dumping of toxic chemicals of a target acquisition, only to return to the facility with the soles of his sneakers melting away!).

Among key advisory roles [Pamir] has played for us are: investments in the greater China region; electronic discovery and document management system planning; implementation and advisory work related to assorted China issues, etc.

Nick Chen stands head and shoulders above other firms with regard to the excellent client care and the exceptionally high quality services that he and his firm have provided over the years. "

- Dick Thurston, Vice President and General Counsel, TSMC
Hsinchu, Taiwan


[Pamir] is a full service corporate firm and do outstanding work in all respects, particularly M&A work in acquiring local companies, and in assisting in critical contract negotiations. They've also helped us with employment law and tax issues, as well as valuable interface with key government agencies. They also helped access a network of other service providers.

In all candor, our relationship with Pamir is an important asset to Atheros' legal team."

Adam Tachner, Vice President and General Counsel, Atheros Communications
Santa Clara, California


Sent: January 01, 01:14
Once again, thank you ever so much for your help these past few hours. Fabulous effort and result! Happy New Year!"

- Robert Ranucci, General Counsel, Viewsonic International
Walnut, California


I thoroughly vetted Pamir prior to retaining them and received only the most complimentary feedback from several of his other clients and the services that he provided throughout the acquisition lived up to my expectations. […] I found the team’s skills and approach tremendously helpful. "

- Marc L. Frohman, Esq., Senior Vice President, Corporate General Counsel, Vishay
Marven, Pennsylvania


I have worked with Pamir personally in the course of their representation of CIT Aerospace and was impressed by their maturity, poise and competence […] The team possesses a great combination of professional as well as well as interpersonal skills that make them a highly effective transactional lawyers. Their cultural fluency and language skills have also been a key aspect of Pamir’s successful negotiations with Chinese airline customers of CIT."

-Randy L. Feuerstein, Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, C.I.T.
New York,  New York


Thank you for your efficient and cost-effective assistance in shutting down online counterfeiting storefronts in China which were infringing on our trademarks and selling counterfeit product into our home market. Our goal was to identify and eliminate a limited number of these infringers, but we did not expect to be able to shut down 540 counterfeiters in just three months."

-Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, Associate General Counsel,
Lorillard Tobacco Company

Greensboro, North Carolina

Your foresight continues to amaze me. Sounds like a great plan. Thank you again. "
- Gary Spratling, Partner, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
San Francisco, California


I cannot say enough good things about the team. They provided immeasurable value to our client and made us look good to the client by facilitating a court filing thousands of miles and an ocean away, in a language and court system we did not understand, in an unbelievably short timeframe."
- Joseph Kuiper, Partner, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Grand Rapids, Michigan


"The Pamir team possesses extremely strong legal skills and have interacted at all times with colleagues, audiences and fellow lawyers with utmost professionalism. They consistently adhere to the highest standards of character and professional conduct."
- Nobuhisa Ishizuka, Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
New York, New York


"I'm extremely grateful to all of you and appreciative of the hard work that has gone in to responding so quickly to this complex issue. It is wonderful to know that we have such excellent global resources for our clients."
- Janet Jacobs, Stoel Rives LLP
Seattle, Washington


"Thank you for your assistance with a pre-litigation investigation in China. Pamir made us look good in front of the client by providing tangible results and practical advice in a timely manner."
- David McCombs, Haynes & Boone LLP
Dallas, Texas


You are right. You ARE amazing!!!!!"

- Ying Yeh, Chairman and President, North Asia Region, Eastman Kodak
Beijing, China


No one ever expected that [this engagement] would ever be so difficult. This was a very frustrating, complex, and challenging assignment to say the least. Although the desired result was not what we initially expected, through your hard work, guidance, and perseverance, we achieved the right outcome.

One of the ways I measure the value of professional firms is by the things they tell me that I don’t know and their willingness to tell me things that may not be in their best interest, but in the best interest of their clients. On both accounts Pamir succeeded. Well done and thank you."

- Dan Squiller, CEO, PowerGenix
San Diego, California


"In a profession renowned for oversized personalities, Pamir team members stand out for their courtesy, humility, honesty, integrity, intelligence and warmth […] the team’s quiet competence in complex, cross border commercial transactions is a matter of record. What might escape casual review is their ability to create and sustain community."

- Steven A. Schulman, Deputy Director, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Hsinchu, Taiwan


I want to thank you for the great, and timely, work that you guys did for us while I was in China the last couple of weeks. The speed and quality of the work we needed done was, indeed, important. The papers written on our questions were well-outlined and to the point without burying us with unnecessary verbiage."

- David Gussack, CEO, General Bearing Corporation
West Nyack, New York


Nick is a brilliant lawyer by training, but more impressively, he is commercial, entrepreneurial, and well connected in both sides of the strait."
- Willie Wong , Asia Merchant Banking, Nomura International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Hong Kong


Nick Chen is a highly energetic and passionate legal professional and it has been my privilege to work closely with him on a series of cases where the client was in need of the best legal counsel as well as effective communication strategies. Nick's in-depth knowledge of the Greater China legal environment has proved invaluable to our clients. I know Nick as someone I can always count on for cool, clear legal advice. He also has a wonderful sense of humor that comes in handy when the pressure is on. I continue to rely on Nick and his firm Pamir for ongoing legal counsel in Taiwan and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation."
- David Chard, Executive Chairman, Taiwan, Edelman Public Relations
Taipei, Taiwan


We sincerely appreciate all of your 150% efforts which you are putting forth to meet Diodes Inc.'s goals for a successful transaction. You guys are the best. "
- Carl Wertz, CFO, Diodes Inc
San Jose, California


"We first became acquainted with Pamir in 2000 when they were representing one of our investors in an investment in our Company. We quickly noticed the thoroughness and attention to detail they displayed in that transaction and began our business relationship with Pamir right then. Over these past 10 years, Pamir has been our legal expert on shareholder related matters.

The team’s broad international experience and bilingual language skills have been a great asset to gEM Services in all our business dealings. They are very thorough, patient, and have been so skillful in mentoring our Investor Relations administrator. Their knowledge, experience, dedication, flexibility and responsiveness have additionally made Pamir a valuable asset to my office."

-Richard J. Kulle, President & CEO, gEM Services
, China


"Singay Dorji Thank you for coming and visiting us – more than that – for sharing your hard gained experiences and skills with us. We have learned a lot from you and will definitely put to optimum use. I hope it is just the beginning of our friendship and working together – I was personally touched and confident that we can together create the best Biodiversity frame-work for Bhutan – where others will also gain from us. [...] I hope and pray that the hinges of our friendship will never rust but grow from strength to strength."

- Singay Dorji, Senior Biodiversity Officer, National Biodiversity Center, Ministry of Agriculture
Thimphu, Bhutan


"Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and caring corporate attorney who has represented a gamut of clients from entrepreneurs starting companies from scratch to multi-million dollar public companies. He is thorough and detail-oriented, yet is able to advice on "big picture" issues.

In my career, I have seen very few lawyers with the humility, kindness and graciousness that Michael exhibits. Michael has an innate gift of bringing out the best a person has to offer. I not only experienced this myself but also observed it during his interactions with others."

-Pauline D. Williams, Owner, Cherry Way Document Preparation Services
Hayward, California


"[X] is an importer from China with a successful business – he is considering expanding his presence in China and needs some straight advice and input. I told him that you were the most honest and straightest shooter on either side of the Pacific."
- Andrew Cohn, President, Duncan Bolt Co
Santa Fe Springs, California


Forgive my Valley Girl talk but - YOU ROCK! Thank you for helping with this. "
- Suzanne Jones, CMO, ICS Corporation
Phoenix, Arizona

"Pamir has worked for our firm twice, both times providing highly personalized and comprehensive service on very short notice. The team are able to call on a broad and diverse network of highly knowledgeable and influential people, and they generous in sharing these contacts."

- Jonathan Brody, COO, Speak2Me Ltd
Taipei, Taiwan


Back in 2002 our new business was not doing well and we were thinking about closing it down. We were lucky to have the Pamir team spend a couple of hours with us going over our strategy and business processes. At the end of the session we felt we had new energy and a new tweak to our plan. Enspyre is still here and stronger than ever so I think that's testimony to Pamir's help. We tell all our employees about what we call "The Kick from Nick".

Over the years Pamir have been on hand to give answers and support during tough times. They are not only good lawyers, but also fun guys. That's worth something extra.

They sure have my endorsement!
- Elias Ek, Co-founder and President, Enspyre
Taipei, Taiwan


"The only good thing about this situation has been meeting the team. You have been very helpful and I am hopeful that if we do not do this deal, there will be more in the future."
- Tom Groos, Chairman and CEO, Viking Group Inc
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Dreams come true by your relentless effort."
- Michael Lamson, New York Design
Taipei, Taiwan


We couldn’t have reached a better conclusion without the guidance and assistance of a very talented group and are extremely thankful to all in the Pamir organization that have helped. The future looks very bright and we know it won’t be without challenges but is quite comforting to know that with Pamir alongside we will always have a lighted path."
- Stephen J. Balter, Virginia Dare Extract Co., Inc.
New York, New York


"I have NEVER met a law firm in the United Stated or abroad of Pamir's legal knowledge, quality of service and integrity. I am blessed to have Pamir represent our interests."
- Charles D. Smith Jr., Professional Basketball Alumni Association .
New York, New York

Singay Dorji" [Pamir] stands apart for the excellent client care they provide and the quality of their service. [The firm] excels across the full spectrum of client service with effective communication, legal understanding, commercial awareness, depth and strength of team, and management skills."

- Tom Gillett, Global Research Manager
International Law Office
London, UK


"[Pamir] is taking the Greater China angle seriously, providing services on both sides of the strait, and netting many global fans due to this."

"Clients say: "Pamir is one of the most street-smart firms, and is very solutions-oriented and effective"."

"[Nick Chen is]"An outstanding businessman and a smart and assertive lawyer"."

"The firm has a solid tradition of handling hi-tech issues, especially those involving Taiwan, the PRC and the USA."


- Chambers Asia 2010: A Clients Guide


The team comprises a strong international element, with US connections proving especially

Clients praise the ‘very creative and flexible’ team members for ‘their ability to circumvent difficulties’ in a variety of areas including M&A, Private Equity and Joint Ventures"

Its key advantage is the transnational nature of the team, some of whose members come from top international law firms."

Impressed peers rate the lawyers highly – ‘Some of them are geniuses'"

"Clients find the smaller size a boon in terms of responsiveness"


- Chambers Asia and Pacific Region 2008: A Clients Guide