March 31st (Saturday)

Time: 09:00-16:00
Please choose one of two following City Tours.

City Tour B1: Yingge and Taiwanese Tea Ceremony Experience
(USD75 per person; lunch included)


* Morning: Yingge
Most of the activities in Yingge center around the Ceramics Museum, Old Street, and the ceramics park behind the museum. "The Story of the Old Street" offers a chance to visit the renowned old-style street in Yingge and understand how it has been transformed into a modern street for art. Made from modern construction materials and transparent glass, the Yingge Ceramics Museum presents the beauty and simplicity and provides a hands-on experience for those who wish to produce handicrafts.

* Lunch: TBD

* Afternoon: Taiwanese Tea Ceremony Experience
The beauty of Taiwan tea culture resides in the complex yet subtle layers of tea flavor, with aesthetic standards set by the clearness of its coloring, the purity of its taste, and the elegance of its aroma. Taiwan teas vary greatly, ranging from soft to charming and refined to strong. The most representative of Taiwan teas is the mildly fragrant oolong tea. Taiwan boasts numerous teahouses of meticulous design and distinct styles. A casual afternoon at a teahouse will bring one to the heart of the social, artistic, intellectual and political activities brewing in Taiwan.

City Tour B2: Shop ‘Til You Drop : Traditional Crafts & Jade Market and the Xinyi New District, Taipei
(Go dutch)


* Morning: Traditional Crafts & Jade Market
Open only on weekends, the Jade & Crafts Markets hold over 840 booths and is the largest Jade Market in Asia. In addition, a variety of other markets for food, IT products, books, etc can be visited depending on interests. Pamir will organize groups for a trip to Taipei’s many bustling Markets.

* Lunch: Independent

* Afternoon: Xinyi District is the seat of the Taipei mayor's office and the Taipei city council, the Taipei Convention Center, the Taipei World Trade Center, the Taipei 101 (and its mall), various shopping malls, the seven story flagship Eslite Bookstore/Shopping Mall and a Multiplex Movie Theater which all make Xinyi the most cosmopolitan district in Taiwan.