Thursday March 29, 200 For Delegates & Spouses/Guests: Informal Optional Dinner at a Pamir Piggy’s Favorite Restaurant - “Hui Gan” featuring delicious Chinese cuisines. USD50
Friday March 30, 2007 For Delegates: Business sessions plus breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch.
For Spouses/Guests: City Tour A1 - Yangmingshan National Park and Tamsui, USD75 or; City Tour A2 - Yangmingshan National Park and Premium Spa Experience, USD75
For Delegates & Spouses/Guests: "The Indispensable Party: Emperor Qin Shi Huang" - Everyone knows that the emperor who first united China sleeps with his army of Terracotta Warriors in the ancient capital of Xian (Western Peace). Did you know that the unifying spirit of this emperor actually lives in Taipei? Come meet the emperor and his TerraLex-a Warriors. This is an indispensable party not to be missed.
Saturday March 31, 2007 For Delegates: Business sessions plus breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch
For Spouses/Guests: City Tour B1 - Yingge and Taiwanese Tea Ceremony Experience - ancient and modern ceramics/pottery center and introduction to all styles and modern tea culture, USD75 or; City Tour B2 - "Shop ‘Til You Drop in Taipei" - The grand tour of themed market places (jade, flower, computer, etc) and the modern shopping centers of the Xinyi, New District.
For Delegates & Spouses/Guests: "Xing Qun Lounge": An Evening of Zen Atop the Taipei 101 – the Soul of Asia PacificInspired by all the Asia Pacific members working together as a region, every Asia Pacific cuisine is featured in active stations with a world wine tour from Bacchus’ global cellars. Subliminal cool ambient lounge music from Paris’ greatest world music artists (Ravin’s Buddha Bar, Jose Padilla’s Café Del Mar, etc) waken the senses and “open the mind’s eye.” Be Zen.
Sunday April 1, 2007 For Delegates and Spouses/Guests: City Tour CThe Essence of Taipei, USD145
Monday ~ Friday April 2-6, 2007 For Delegates & Spouses/Guests: City Tour DThe Magic Island Post Conference Tour, USD900