Optional Dinner (Thursday Night)

"Hui Gan" – Restaurant of Sweet Aftertastes Date: Thursday March 29, 2007 Time: 19:30 (meet at Sheraton lobby at 19:15) Location: Nanking East Road Section 2, No. 160, B1  This is an Optional Dinner for delegates & spouses/guests in Taipei City Thursday night. A recently opened restaurant featuring the best of Shanghai cuisines, the name ‘Hui Gan’ is appropriately deemed the ‘Restaurant of Sweet Aftertastes.’ Take a bite of the restaurant's signature xiao long bao (steamed dumplings), filled with steamed soup that is primordially delicious. From fresh vegetables to succulently roasted duck, a night at Hui Gan will leave you feeling pleasantly fulfilled to the point of perfect satisfaction. We promise a relaxed and fun evening with friends; what better way than this to start another wonderful TerraLex experience!