The Indispensable Party: Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Everyone knows that the emperor who first united China sleeps with his army of Terracotta Warriors in the ancient capital of Xian (Western Peace). Did you know that the unifying spirit of this emperor actually lives in Taipei? Come meet and party-down with the emperor and his TerraLex-a Warriors. This is an indispensable party not to be missed. Anhe Road in Taipei has never been short on chic spots, and China Pa is no exception. Its entrance, secluded behind vines and iron fencing, has a slight aura of the mysterious suggests sophistication and a dash of decadence. China Pa refers to the founding emperor of China. The interior of the restaurant as well as the nouveau fusion cuisine are heavily influenced by Ancient China, but the crowd at China Pa is known to be one of the trendiest in Taipei. A TerraLex-tailored buffet will feature many exotic dishes available no where else in Greater China. The menu will seduce your senses into a state of timeless wonder.