Singhania & Co., Solicitors & Advocates

Address: G-107, Himalaya House 23, Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi 110 001 INDIA
Telephone: (91 11) 2373 1400 or 2331 8300
Fax: (91 11) 2371 3383 or 2335 4050
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D.C. Singhania
Phone: (9111) 2331 8300/2373 1400
Fax: (9111) 2335 4050/2371 3383

Harsh Surana
Phone: (91 11) 2373 1400

Rajeev Sharma

Areas of Practice:

Corporate Laws relevant to Technology Transfers, Joint Ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Licensing, Liquor Licensing, Distribution Agency and Franchise Agreements, drafting and negotiation of Government and Public Sector Contracts, Formation of Companies,, Eurobonds, Foreign Investment, Foreign Exchange Control Regulations, International Tenders, Takeovers and Mergers, Import and Export Law, Offshore Companies, Privatization, Securities and Financial Services, Environmental Law, Immigration Law, Taxation of Foreign Companies/Nationals, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Designs, Maritime and Shipping Law, Energy, Oil and Gas Laws, Construction Laws, Energy and Telecommunications Laws, Biotechnology Laws, Broadcasting Laws, Computer Laws, Agrochemical, Timeshares, Hotels and Resorts, Insurance and Banking Regulations/Law, Media and Entertainment Laws, Aviation Law, Regulation and Licensing, Private International Laws and Conveyancing, Cable TV, Chemicals, Electricity Laws, E-Commerce.

General Law Practice: General Law Practice in Supreme Court of India and State High Courts, Tribunals including Customs and Excise, Transportation Law, Administration Procedures, Industrial and Labor Disputes, Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practice, Intellectual Property Law, Antitrust, Mining, Real Estate and Urban Laws, Economic Regulations, Inheritance, Labor, Matrimonial, Succession.

Firm History:

The firm, founded by D.C. Singhania, recipient of the World Lawyer Award, is supported by partners, senior members and associates from corporations and prestigious academic institutions in India and abroad, eminent former members of the judiciary and high ranking government officials. The largest law firm in India, Singhania & Co. provides comprehensive legal services primarily in corporate and business law practice.