Hong Kong

Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson

Address: 4009 Gloucester Tower The Landmark 11 Peddar Street Central HONG KONG
Telephone: (852) 2877 3088
Fax: (852) 2525 1099
Web Site: www.bpya.com.hk

TerraLex Representatives:

Kevin Lee
Phone: (852) 2298 7618
Email: klee@bpya.com.hk

Victor Yang
Phone: (852) 2298 7688
Email: vyang@bpya.com.hk

Firm History:

International Law Firm Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson is an international law firm based in Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of legal services to clients in Hong Kong, China and throughout the world. Comprehensive Legal Services When you approach us with your proposed transactions or legal issues, we realize you have a lot at stake. To make the right decisions, you need good legal counsel from people who will listen. At BPYA, we are attentive to our clients' needs and we take pride in providing them with comprehensive legal services. Depth, Experience, Technical Skills and Flexibility To solve today's often complex legal questions, we can call on lawyers from different backgrounds and levels of experience to provide our clients with the most cost effective approach to protecting their interests and bringing matters to a timely conclusion. We have the depth, experience, technical skills and flexibility to meet your changing needs.