March 30th

Sheraton Hotel, Longevity Room

Lunch Menu

喜 來 登 拼 盤

酸 菜 鴨 肉 湯

八 珍 豆 腐 煲

果 律 明 蝦 球

中 式 牛 小 排

三 杯 鮮 中 卷

碧 綠 燴 鮑 菇

糖 醋 鮮 魚 塊

油 香 蛋 蔥 飯

椰 汁 西 米 露

季 節 水 果 盤

Sheraton’s Assorted Appetizer Sampler

Slow Cooked Whole Duck with Pickled Mustard Green Soup

Assorted Seafood with Fresh Tofu in a Claypot

Crispy Shrimp in Pineapple Cup

Asian Style Beef Tender Short Ribs

Baby Squid with Garlic and Basil in a Clay pot

Wok-Fried Vegetables with Abalone Mushrooms

Deep Fried Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Green Onion Fried Rice

Coconut Tapioca Dessert

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Vegetarian Meal




蘑 菇 扒 鮮蔬




Mushroom with Bean Curd Soup

Fried Lily Bulb with Vegetarian Ham

Poached Assorted Vegetables

Green Vegetables Topped with Fresh Mushrooms

Delicate Vegetarian Dim-Sum Combination

Coconut Tapioca Dessert

Seasonal Fresh Fruit