Supply Chain & Outsourcing

Pamir Law Group provides strategic, tactical and operational support with a variety of issues including sourcing, procurement, logistics, intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting programs.

Supply Chain Management

Our consultants assist clients to:

  • Identify, evaluate and select strategic channel partners such as suppliers, intermediaries and third-party service providers.

  • Draft, revise, negotiate and restructure Strategic Partnership Agreements with channel partners in English and Chinese.

  • Draft, revise and negotiate distribution, agency and franchising agreements in English and Chinese.

  • Design and implement supplier diversification strategies.

  • Develop and implement intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting programs to prevent counterfeiting, piracy, patent re-filing, inventory diversion, tampering, adulteration and warranty fraud.


We work with clients looking to “cost-down” back office functions or establish outsourcing service operations for third parties in China including:

  • Logistics.

  • Call Centers.

  • Back Office (Accounting, HR, IT).

  • Data and Document Management Services.

  • Engineering & Architectural Services.

  • Healthcare Services.

  • Banking & Financial Services.

  • Software & IT Services.

  • Digital Image Editing Services.

  • Research and Analysis Services.

  • Creative Services.

  • Web Analytics Services.

We assist in every step of the process, including:

  • Site Identification and Evaluation.

  • Regulatory Compliance Planning.

  • Labor Planning.

  • IT and Infrastructure Planning.

  • Logistics and Distribution Planning

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