Environmental and Climate Change

Pamir Law Group assists clients to:

  • Understand the legal, technical and business issues and the institutional regime and processes at the national and local levels.

  • Identify and quantify legal contingencies and develop and design strategies and tactics to limit or eliminate environmental risks.

  • Plan and implement market entry and expansion strategies and tactics, in light of the environmental considerations and potential impact of a project.

  • Develop strategies and programs to introduce and implement environmental best practices and management systems.

  • Implement government relations programs to encourage legislative reform and regulatory approvals.

  • Increase enterprise balance sheet value through the management and the creation of legally permissible environmental and natural assets, balancing private interests and community stakeholders.

  • Connect with our network of multidisciplinary technical experts to ensure practical and effective solutions.

We provide the following services:

Due Diligence

Full range of due diligence services.

Regulatory Matters

Full range of regulatory compliance issues including all regulatory procedures, registrations, approvals and permits.

Project Planning and Execution

Design tailored strategies for risk management and asset creation.

Assessment of Liabilities, Contingencies and Impact

Review and assess the project’s environmental components and impact from regulatory, corporate, property and contractual perspectives.

Management of Contingencies and Assets

Design regulatory, corporate, property and contractual structures to reduce environmental contingencies and to create environmental assets.

Climate Change/Carbon Trade Projects

Assist clients to meet the challenges of climate change by utilizing the Clean Development Mechanism (“CDM”) and greenhouse gas reduction strategies, including Certified Emission Reductions (“CER”) and Voluntary or Verified Emission Reductions (“VER”).

Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Provide assistance in renewable energy generation, sustainable agriculture and forestry and ecosystems conservation.

Dispute Prevention, Management and Resolution

Provide preventive strategies, mediation and amicable solutions.

Conservation Matters

Implement solutions to conserve valuable-critical-fragile lands and ecosystems.

Ecosystems Services Projects

Develop strategies for corporate sustainability, community development, cultural assets conservation and ecosystems services promotion, including strategies that facilitate the execution of transactions over ecosystems services such as water generation, bio-prospecting, eco-tourism and landscape conservation.