Taiwan Company Registration (FIA/Subsidiary, Branch)

We assist clients with every aspect related to the formation of a Taiwan Company Limited by Shares for Manufacturing, Consulting or Trading Business, including:

  • Foreign Investment Approval (“FIA”) from the Investment Commission (“IC”).

  • Approval for Verification of Capital Injection by the IC.

  • Certified Financial Statement of Capital Injection Issued by the Professional Accounting Firm.

  • Approval of Company Registration by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (“MOEA”).

  • Articles of Incorporation prepared by Pamir.

  • Tax Registration Certificate Issued by the Tax Authority.

  • Approval of Exporter/Importer Trading Registration Card by the Bureau of Foreign Trade ("BOFT").

  • Government Uniform Invoice ("GUI") Chop, Company Chop and Legal Representative Chop

Additional permits and certificates are required for certain businesses such as food related business, restaurant, telecommunication etc.

[Special permits and certificates may be required for the client’s particular industry. These requirements are specific to the client’s industry and location, so it is not possible to provide a fee quotation until we are provided details about the client’s particular situation]

Additional Services

  • Advise on Incorporation of Taiwan Company, Including Consultation on Tax Matters, Devising Business Scope, Answer Inquiries on Restricted Industries and Regulations Compliance, and Offshore Structuring.

  • Arrange and Attend Appointments with Governmental Officials on Client’s Behalf to Answer Inquiries Relating to Client’s Applications, and Coordinate with Client to Gather Information Needed for Attending Such Appointments.

  • Coordinate with Other Service Providers, such as Accountants, Environmental Engineers, Clients’ Lawyers, etc.

  • Provide a Form of Taiwan Labor Contract for General Taiwan Staff Employees

  • Prepare Tailored Taiwan Labor Contract for Executive Employees such as General Managers and Deputy Managers, Presidents and CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, etc.

  • Provide a Form of Taiwan Labor Policy Manual

  • Conduct Trademark Search

  • Conduct Trademark Registration

  • Provide a Form of Bilingual Trademark License Agreement

  • Provide a Form of Bilingual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

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