China Company Registration (WFOE)

We assist clients with every aspect related to starting a business in China, beginning with the formation of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (“WFOE”) for Manufacturing, Consulting or Trading Business, including:

  • Foreign Investment Approval by Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”)

  • Business License Issued by Administration of Industry and Commerce (“AIC”)

  • Tax Registration Certificate Issued by Tax Bureau

  • Organization Code Certificate Issued by Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau (“QSIB”)

  • Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate by State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”)

  • Articles of Association provided by Pamir (“AOA”)

  • Statistic Certificate Issued by Statistic Bureau

  • Financial Registration Certificate Issued by Finance Bureau

  • Customs Registration Certificate Issued by Customs

  • Financial Chop, Company Chop and Legal Representative Chop

Additional permits and certificates are required for certain businesses such as food related business, restaurant, telecommunication etc.

Special permits and certificates may be required for your particular industry.

Additional Services

  • Advise on Corporate Structuring Related to Incorporation of PRC Company, including Consultation on Tax Matters, Devising Business Scope, Answer Inquiries on Restricted Industries and Regulations Compliance, and Offshore Structuring.

  • Coordinate with Other Service Providers, Such as Accountants, Environmental Engineers, Customers’ Lawyers, etc.

  • Provide a Form of PRC Labor Contract for General PRC Staff Employees

  • Prepare Tailored PRC Labor Contract for Executive Employees such as General Managers and Deputy Managers, Presidents and CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, etc.

  • Provide a Form of PRC Labor Policy Manual

  • Conduct Trademark Search

  • Conduct Trademark Registration

  • Provide a Form of Bilingual Trademark License Agreement

  • Provide a Form of Bilingual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Provision of Registered Address (Domiciliation). Chinese companies are required to have a physical address which may be subject to random inspection.

  • Assist to Secure Office Space Rental (introduce real estate agent. Clients are responsible for their own agent fee; actual fee will depend on size of office, facilities and administrative support required)

  • Prepare or Review Lease Agreement

  • Provision of a Nominee Director

  • Provision of a Nominee Shareholder

  • Provision of a Corporate Secretary/Legal Representative

  • Serve as Company Supervisor (The Company Supervisor cannot be legal representative, director, or any senior officer of the Company)

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