Corporate Secretarial Services

We systematically organize recurring day-to-day tasks and support on corporate governance and housekeeping matters so our clients can focus on managing their business

We support our clients with a full package of corporate secretarial services. This allows a company’s management and legal department to focus on strategic issues to grow their business and revenues, while we systematically manage all the basic day-to-day legal administrative housekeeping activities required by local law.

Whether you are a senior managerial or legal officer of a local or international company operating in the territory, we can provide systematic, cost-effective approach and team to handle these important, legally-required and time-consuming routine matters.

The charts in the "Related Downloads" pane to the right set forth all the basic China/Taiwan company law procedures during the entire life cycle of a company, from formation options, to operations and the dissolution of a legal entity. We focus on the tasks that are not mission-critical and should not become a drain on senior management or a legal officer’s valuable time and attention.

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