Bona Fides - Background and Credit Checks in Taiwan and China

No amount of good lawyering will save you from a bad partner selection decision

The quality of the partner selection process is critical to the success or failure of your operation in Greater China. Every business has "partners", be they shareholders, suppliers or vendors of goods and services in the supply chain. If these partners fail to be reliable, credible, professional or financially/politically/morally capable, your business could be at risk.

Savvy corporate, financial and strategic investors, private equity/venture capital funds and supply chain companies do everything in their power to protect their investments as well as their reputations to avoid any unnecessary embarrassments. They not only hire the best professionals for a full financial and legal due diligence, but they also hire specialists to conduct investigations to verify the Bona Fides of a potential partner. This Bona Fides check helps decision-makers ensure the backgrounds of potential partners in Greater China do not become a liability.

We can perform different types of Bona Fides checks regarding individuals, individual companies or company groups, and/or market/industry sectors. We can also provide tailored Bona Fides investigations on reputation, political and criminal background sources depending on the situation.

Bona Fides checks are often conducted on behalf of savvy investors prior to a partnering as well as at regular intervals thereafter in order to ensure that their investment is protected. This service is offered in addition to the typical legal or financial due diligence which is often a paper-intensive snap-shot at closing. The Bona Fides investigation focuses on issues that traditional due diligence fails to identify - the situational, the evolving context, the political under-currents - at a single point in time as well as monitoring over time. This is a “best practice, must-have service” for all first-tier investors such as private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and corporate investors as well as supply chain companies in Greater China.

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