Our Services

Pamir Law Group provides strategic insights and implement practical legal and business solutions in Greater China with an international standard of work and the benefits of local business experience and presence.

We support multinational companies, international private equity and venture capital funds as well as privately-held conglomerates and high net worth family groups with their strategic and market entry/expansion planning and execution activities including:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Legal Services Cross Border Investment Legal Services FDI Litigation/Arbitration Services in China and Taiwan
China Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Services Intellectual Property Anti Counterfeiting Services in China and Taiwan Corporate Law in China and Taiwan

Other Practice Areas

* Labor * Regulatory
* Anti-Competition/Fair Trade * Anti-Corruption/FCPA
* Aircraft Financing & Leasing * Private Equity/Venture Capital
* Family Wealth Management * Environment and Climate Change
* Government Relations *  Commercial Contracts
* Banking & Finance * Supply Chain Management & Outsourcing


Business Consulting

No amount of good lawyering will save you from a bad partner selection decision. Our Bona Fides checks help decision-makers ensure the backgrounds of potential partners in Greater China do not become a liability. 

Event Management

We assist clients design and implement all kinds of marketing, PR and business development events as well as international conferences. 

Fourth Link

We represent Chinese companies that are internationalizing who seek assistance with their activities overseas including finding new markets, new partners and new opportunities. 

Market Entry Advisory

Establishing a successful China operation requires extensive knowledge about the local business, cultural, regulatory and economic environment.