Travel Tips - Taiwan

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All websites below are available in both English and Chinese unless noted otherwise.

Transportation Guides
  1. CKS International Airport (Located in Northern Taiwan): Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese
  2. Taipei Song Shan Domestic Airport: Available only in Chinese
  3. Kaohsiung International Airport (Located in Southern Taiwan)
  4. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation:
  5. Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System
  6. Taipei Railway: Time and Schedule Information System
  1. Hot springs
  2. National Parks
  3. Amusement Parks
  4. Museums & Historical Sites
  5. Performing Arts and Culture
  6. National Scenic Sites
General Guides
  1. Information for Foreigners Guide: This site provides information about VISA renew, residence permit, work, education, healthcare, tax and others aspects involved with the life of foreigners in Taiwan.
  2. Taiwan Fun: Updated five days a week for four regions of the country, this site includes travel tips, restaurant reviews, maps and much more.
  3. Live English forum updated daily for any aspect of living in Taiwan. Available only in English.
  4. Taiwan Ho!: This site provides all aspects of living in Taiwan from travel tips, cultural sites, to daily overviews of current events. Available only in English.
Professional, Social, and Community Organizations
  1. Community Services Center: Taipei-based non-profit organization founded in 1987 to offer support services (counseling, cross-cultural training, continuing education, etc) to the international community in Taiwan.
  2. American Club in China: Available only in English
  3. Canadian Society: Available only in English
  4. CAPT
  6. Taipei Foreign Correspondent's Club
  7. British Social Group
  1. Maps provided by the Government Information Office: Links to maps around Taiwan categorized by region.
  2. Map of Taiwan