Jiang Yen-Wei - Selected Publications and Speeches

  • "Is It Fraud or Debt? Difficulty with the Definition in Practice" - News Eyes Bi-Monthly, Vol. 55 (1999)
  • "Student Fighting Produces Bodily Injury. Is It the Teacher's Fault?' - News Eyes Bi-Monthly, Vol. 54 (1999)
  • "My Wife Has A Mental Illness. Can I Divorce Her?" - News Eyes Bi-Monthly, Vol. 49 (1998)
  • "Common Law Sense," speech to the Yi Chuan Education Institute, Taipei (1997)
  • "Life and Law," speech to the Republic of China Junior Chamber Newcastle Jaycees, Taipei (1997)
  • "Legal Problems of Foreign Private Investment," thesis awarded by Minister of Education (1993)
  • Essay Author, "A Study of Dividing as Estate - Focus on Probate Court Decisions" (1993)