Press Release

"China Companies Expand Business with Latin America"

An international conference on investment and trade opportunities will be held in Beijing (October 19, 2005) at the Novotel Hotel and Shanghai (October 24, 2005) Sofitel Hyland Hotel featuring speakers from Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands Antilles and Venezuela. The program known as "Portal China" will connect China companies directly with specific trade and investment opportunities in Latin America. Capturing the essence of the program, the name "Portal"means door in both Spanish and Portuguese. The conference will provide a doorway for China companies to find, meet and expand new opportunities with Latin America. The speakers will be bringing information on specific projects and business flow channels in various industries including agriculture (blueberries, coffee, popcorn, tropical fruits and juices, seeds, soy bean, tractor and agricultural machinery), agrochemicals (fertilizers), automobile (including trucks and 4-cycle engine motorcycles), computers/high technology/telecommunications, construction of infrastructure projects and inexpensive housing, e-commerce, free-zone business and supporting services, energy and petrochemicals (oil, gas, electricity, oil refinery), sugar (alternative energy and sugar cane liquor), financial industry, finished food products (meat, poultry), hotel/tourism, entertainment, infrastructure and logistics (e.g., highway, rails, transshipment services to the EU), metallurgy (e.g., steel, aluminum, etc.), minerals & mining, shipping related activities (ship repair services, ship registration and management), trade, veterinary products, and wood (pulp, paper products, etc). The speakers and experts will include: Mr. Guillermo Malm Green of Brons & Salas Abogados, Argentina; Ms. Heloisa Bonciani Nader di Cunto and Mr. Wellington Pan of Duarte Garcia, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Mr. Roberto Liesegang and Mr. Horacio Bernardes Neto of Xavier, Bernardes, Braganca, Sociedade de Advogados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mr. Lex Gonzales of Zielinski & Gonzales Law Office, Netherlands Antilles; Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez Matos and Mr. Rafael de Lemos of Anzola Raffalli y Rodriguez Abogados, Venezuela. China companies will benefit by learning about how to build, find and protect inbound and outbound business with Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands Antilles and Venezuela. The program is sponsored through the cooperation of three law firms from Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei (Li Wen & Partners, Liu Shen & Associates, Pamir Law Group). The Portal China program consists of two parts: * a half day conference in Beijing (October 19, 2005) and Shanghai (October 24, 2005) * direct "partner matching meetings" in Beijing (October 20/21, 2005) and Shanghai (October 25, 2005) From this program, attendees benefit from direct contact and business opportunities beyond those available from traditional sources. For Further Information Please Contact: Ms. Sherry Shen, Pamir Law Group Phone: +86-1360-185-3046 E-mail: Ms. Heloisa di Cunto, Duarte Garcia, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra, Beijing Phone: +86-10-8562-6081 / +86 (137) 17944049 E-mail: Mr. Wellington Pan, Duarte Garcia, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra, Beijing Phone: +86-10-8562-6081 / +86 (135) 52697446 E-mail: