With the development of gas production, there are plans to develop petrochemical industries, including fertilizers and plastics. There are plans to build new fertilizer and petrochemical plants. Such development will be to cover the demand of the domestic market and for exports.


The key partner is Pequiven, which is the national petrochemicals company. Pequiven has entered into several JVs for manufacturing facilities of fertilizers and other petrochemical products. There is a strong desire to develop an important petrochemical base in the country to first supply domestic demand and then exports.

Pequiven has plans to develop urea (fertilizer) plants in joint venture with foreign partners. Chinese urea producers may be interested in investing in the construction of fertilizer plants in the country.

Pequiven and MEP have a plan to develop the "value chain" of plastics, in that sense they will develop in joint venture with foreign companies the production of the plastic raw material (PVC, which is a petrochemical product) and other industries that transform such raw material into plastics. Chinese companies that produce PVC and plastic out of it may be interested in investing in joint ventures with Pequiven to produce such petrochemical by-products.

In all those projects Chinese engineering and construction firm may be interested in participating as in the design and construction of such industrial facilities.

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COUNTRY: Venezuela
FIRM: Anzola, Raffalli and Rodriguez
CONTACT: Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez Matos