CXO's (top level decision-making company executives including Chief Executive/Operating/Financial/Legal/Human Resources Officers) of global multi- national companies ("MNC's") rely on the advice, experience, judgment and skill sets that dedicated team of lawyers and professionals provide to help them strategically plan and practically execute their business. There is not a single Fortune 500 company that operates without world-class legal support both internally and externally. There is not a single MNC CXO that does not have its team of trusted advisors to act as the legal "body-guards" and strategic advisors for the CXO as well as the MNC. Why is that? Is that true for your company? If not, why not?

What do the shareholders say and the banks and insurance companies or potential investors and business partners who wonder about the type of CXO's operating in a complex world in the blind? This is not about a pro forma annual retainer certificate on the wall; this is about a day to day living breathing active relationship. For an MNC CXO to plan and execute any significant business initiative (e.g. board meetings and corporate governance, negotiations, overseas initiatives, expansions into new markets, mergers and acquisitions, licensing arrangements, branding and intellectual property programs, any kind of commercial supply and service relationships, bank financing, executing any agreement, capital fund-raising, regulatory disclosure etc.) without vetting it with capable legal professionals, that CXO is frankly taking risks that endanger her/himself and his/her company.

The challenges faced by CXO's responsible for managing and guiding a company in an already internationalized competitive environment is a burden of potentially military proportions. The need for strategic information, reasoned decision-making and the ability to implement practical solutions in North and South America, Europe and other parts of the developing world is something that is often overwhelming to CXO's. A military commander with limited intelligence, limited logistics, limited planning and limited ability to navigate the legal and business minefields is at a severe disadvantage and long-term survivability and well being are compromised. MNC CXO's have specialized teams available to help them make better decisions. Chinese CXO's are still, more often than not, unwilling or unable to hire professionals that the MNC CXO's consider indispensable.

Why are some Chinese CXO's busy experimenting and learning that they can make white mouse mistakes and pay costly tuition with the shareholder's capital? How can a company compete successfully with fewer bullets, fewer tactics, less information, no professional strategic planners and implementers? In a contest or competition, it is clear who stands to win or lose. As Chinese CXO's take their companies abroad and as the domestic market is internationalizing, it is critical for Chinese CXO's to internationalize the resources and skill-sets available to their team.

The three law firm hosting Portal China (See Hosts) have been advising MNC's and MNC CXO's for decades. Many MNC's and MNC CXO's consider our advice indispensable when entering and expanding their businesses in China. Many Chinese CXO's have critically and strategically benefited from our support in opening and expanding overseas operations and ventures abroad. Our firms are composed of US, Chinese and Taiwan admitted legal and other professionals who have a long track record of successfully assisting Chinese CXO's to manage theircross-border activities as well as their internal internationalization process.

We have completed deals and rendered advice in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and across Asia. This has included market entry activities since the early 1980's. These include steel, mining, news agencies, airlines, aircraft finance, state import/export companies, agriculture, shipping, steel, energy and natural resources, light industry, chemicals, educational and exchange activities, banks, finance groups, real estate, immigration matters, complete corporate and CXO support. We team with law firms in 140 jurisdictions. Our counterparts in Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands Antilles and Venezuela are here and represents the closeness of our working relationship. In order to celebrate this Portal event, the three host firms provide a gift to the CXO attendees by sharing a synopsis of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ") from our MNC CXO clients. We share these ideas and perspectives with Chinese CXO's to consider since a single idea is a precious gift. A single insight or good idea to save your company from a bad experience or which helps a CXO gain a stronger perspective is invaluable advice and may change the company's future trajectory. Any idea that allows you to avoid a business mistake or which changes the way you think about world-wide competition is one of the greatest gifts and benefits that a company can procure from Portal and its Host firms.

If you learn something valuable from the FAQ's, please come by the booth of the three hosts after the presentations to learn more about why global MNC CXO's want and need our commitment and support of their companies. Come meet us and see if our ideas and skills and judgment include resources you r CXO or company needs.?We wish Chinese CXO's all the best in Latin America and in their cross-border ventures (whether overseas or in China) and hope the Portal China conference has helped you to find new horizon to explore for the future well- being of the CXO, the Chinese company, the shareholders and stakeholders. We encourage China's companies to remember the lessons in the below FAQ's. These FAQ's are the result of many years of experience in many deals and negotiations across the globe and across the years.

Good luck and remember the last FAQ!