DATE: Monday, October 24, 2005
LOCATION: Sofitel Hyland Shanghai
ADDRESS: 505 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai, China 200001
TELEPHONE: +86-21-6351-5888


1:30 - 1:45 pm PROGRAM INTRODUCTION by Hosts

1:45 - 3:45 pm CONFERENCE

PRESENTER: Mr. Guillermo Malm Green
FIRM: Brons & Salas Abogados, Argentina
TOPIC: Introduction on Argentina and Its Foreign Investment Opportunities

An introduction on Argentina and its foreign investment environment, including the following topics:

(a) Brief History of Argentina
(b) Country Profile
(c) Economy
(d) Foreign Investment Indicators
(e) Trade Opportunities
(f) Main Companies by Industry
(g) Business Opportunities

PRESENTER: Ms. Heloisa Bonciani Nader di Cunto and Mr. Wellington Pan
FIRM:FIRM: Duarte Garcia, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra, Brazil
TOPIC: The China Experience of Duarte Garcia, Caselli Guimaraes e Terra

A disussion on Duarte Garcia's experience in China and some of the Chinese success stories and activities in Brazil:

(a) The Role of Law in Brazil
(b) China Experience in Brazil
(c) Advises
(d) Lessons Learned

PRESENTER: Mr. Roberto Liesegang and Mr. Horacio Bernardes Neto
FIRM: Xavier, Bernardes, Braganca, Sociedade de Advogados, Brazil
TOPIC: Doing Business with Brazil

Current Information on Brazil regarding international business opportunities there, including:

(a) Recent Historical Highlight
(b) Overview on Economics
(c) Trade Opportunities
(d) Legal Alternatives for Investments
(e) Foreign Capital
(f) Brazil within the Mercosur & ALCA
(g) Brazil and the WTO
(h) Doing Business

PRESENTER: Mr. Lex Gonzales
FIRM: Zielinski & Gonzales Law Office, Netherlands Antilles
TOPIC: Curacao as Your Basis for International Business Operations

An introduction to international business operations in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (NA), Kingdom of the Netherlands, covering the following information:

(a) NA International Business Corporations
1. Incorporation and management
2. Auditing, reporting and taxation
3. Transfer of the registered office
4. E-commerce & Freezone

(b) NA International Corporate & Financial Services

1. Trust
2. Banking & Insurance
3. Auditing

(c) NA Educational Opportunities for Chinese Managers and Directors

1. Curacao Institute for Social and Economic Studies
2. Curacao Law School

PRESENTER: Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez Matos and Mr. Rafael de Lemos
FIRM: Anzola Raffalli y Rodriguez Abogados, Venezuela
TOPIC: Investment in the Oil and Gas Sectors of Venezuela

(a) Introduction
1. History and geography of Venezuela
2. History of oil production in Venezuela
3. Oil and gas production data

(b) Legal Framework of Investment in the Oil and Gas Sector

1. Investment in upstream oil activities
2. Investment in downstream oil activities
3. Investment in gas sector

(c) Future Projects and Investment Possibilities

1. Heavy oil improvement facilities
2. New refineries
3. Offshore gas exploration and production

4:30 - 6:30 pm INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS / MEETINGS (Refreshments served.)

Conference attendees are invited to meet with speakers in separate private rooms.

Session ends at 6:30 pm.