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Taiwan Imposes VAT on Cross-Border E-Commerce Sales of Digital Services and Goods

Beginning May 1, 2017, foreign businesses selling digital content and services to consumers in Taiwan must register as tax entities, issue government invoices, and timely report and pay VAT.

By Nicholas V.

Vanishing Borders: How the Private M&A Market is Making Global Gains

Nicholas V. Chen was featured in a report titled "Vanishing Borders: How the Private M&A Market is Making Global Gains", published by IR Global and the the Alliance of M&A Advisors.

To download the full report click here.

PRC Government Announces Deadline for Unified Business Certificate Application

The Chinese government recently announced plans to unify the current three corporate licenses (Business License, Organization Code Certificate and Tax Registration Certificate) into one Unified Business Certificate, in order to lessen the administrative burdens on companies.

Newly established companies will automatically be issued the Unified Business Certificate.

All existing companies in China should complete the license unification process by December 31, 2017.  After that date all prior licenses will become invalid.

Juan Madrigal Delivers Presentations in Spain and Portugal

Juan Carlos Madrigal delivered a series of presentations to various audiences in Spain and Portugal in early February.

Nicholas V. Chen Speaks at IBA Immigration Conference

Partner Nicholas V. Chen spoke at a panel during the International Bar Association's 7th Biennial Global Immigration Conference, held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London on November 19, 2015. The panel had experts from different jurisdictions discuss a case study in which an employee of a multinational company is required to travel to different countries for various periods at a time to represent the company in different activities.

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