AnimalsTaiwan is a group of people, both expatriate and local, concerned about the welfare of animals in Taiwan, in particular that of the stray population. They work to raise awareness of the stray problem, educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership, and neuter stray cats and dogs.

Currently, the bulk of AnimalsTaiwan's work is in rescuing sick, injured, and young strays, rehabilitating them, vaccinating them, desexing them, and eventually placing them in permanent, caring homes.

To date, the staff and volunteers have directly helped over four hundred needy animals, the majority of whom pass through their ShiLin holding centre, which can comfortably house and care for up to 60 dogs and 20 cats.

We advised AnimalsTaiwan during their association application procedure and several of our professionals have volunteered to take care of stray animals at their facility.

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