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Bringing Gala Concerts and an International Educational Experience to Taiwan’s Young Actors, Singers and Dancers:

The American Broadway Academy in Taiwan (previously known as the Taipei Summer Broadway Academy or TISBA) was founded in 2005 to offer the highest quality Musical Theater educational opportunities to young musicians, dancers and singers. In addition, the Academy offers the Taiwanese public access to gala concerts and quality faculty and student performances of Broadway musicals such as West Side Story (2005), Les Miserables and Grease (2006).

Reaching a live audience numbering in the thousands and over 50 students in an intensive week of study, the American Broadway Academy in Taiwan (ABA) features a faculty of 5 international artist teachers from the United States and Europe. Offering unique opportunities for study with acclaimed international artists and teachers, ABA makes an international educational experience available at affordable cost to all Taiwanese unable to travel abroad to continue their music education. In addition, the Academy makes study opportunities available in Musical Theater, a genre that is new and in demand in Taiwan. In addition to the educational activities of these study programs, the headline artists, faculty and students will perform in a series of high profile public concerts that have attracted large audiences in 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Grand Hyatt Hotel and Shih Chien University among other venues.

Given the unique nature of this Musical Theater education program not only in Taiwan, but in the entire region, the American Broadway Academy plans to expand the range of its outreach beyond Taiwan to students from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Korea and therefore raise the profile of Taipei and Taiwan in the realm of musical theater education in Asia.

Broadway Faculty Member John Ferguson working with Piano students on Ragtime Style

Audience for Gala Concert at Shih Chien University