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Hiring in Taiwan FAQ

1. What are the main laws and regulations pertaining to the employment relationship (particularly as they relate to hiring employees)?

The main laws and regulations pertaining to employment relations in Taiwan are (1) The Labor Standards Act 1984, (as amended, most recently on 25 December 2002): to provide minimum standards for working conditions, protect workers' rights and interests, improve employee-employer relationships and promote social and economic development.

Recent Important PRC Law Changes Affecting Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment

This article outlines recent changes in Chinese law that will affect the structure of Private Equity and Venture Capital investments, the degree of control that a foreign shareholder can exert over operations, and the liability associated with such investments.

China Sovereign Funds, Outbound M&A: Challenges and Opportunities

This presentation provides an overview of China's "Go Out Policy", and discusses opportunities for potential M&A targets for PRC sovereign funds in Latin America, Africa, and other regions.

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International Licensing and Distribution Transactions

This article provides a basic checklist for international licensing arrangements and other commercial transactions aimed at ensuring the distribution or commercialization of products in another country, state or jurisdiction. It is not intended to be construed as legal advice or as a substitute for consultation with local counsel in each relevant jurisdiction.

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