A World-Class Support Network for General Counsel/In-House Counsel and their Teams in Greater China

In our experience, General Counsel ("GC") and In-House Counsel ("IHC") in Greater China often need resources, technologies, information and know-how which may be beyond the scope of available internal resources. Practical solutions which balance business needs with legal needs are required, be they from internal or external sources. Many Members wish to have a more organized, institutional, easy-to-use support provider which draws on the resources and experiences of their peers and the broader legal and business communities. Members often find that they require legal and/or business support for complex issues which combine and balance local, regional and international work considerations, especially in cross-border or cross-cultural multi-jurisdictional matters. The GC and IHC often need an outside general counsel for services that are both general as well as specialized.

We established Consiglieri to provide this additional support and to supplement resources of its Members, all of which are clients and like-minded friends of our firm.

Consiglieri is a private and voluntary organization in which costs are shared and resources are pooled to conduct programs helpful to the Members. All programs will be recorded and made available online.



Consiglieri provides regular opportunities, programs, venues and events for General Counsel and In-House Counsel to meet each other and share experiences in both formal and informal settings. Too often, GC and IHC are isolated, facing too many challenges and demands with too few allocated resources. The results are often over-work, fatigue and an isolated existence which hinders the quality of life.

Training and Skills Improvement

Consiglieri organizes training and skills improvement programs for GC and IHC and their teams at three levels:

  • Individual professional level
  • Individual corporate legal department or team level
  • Together with all Members of the Consiglieri community as a group

In addition, many Members and their legal teams face expensive and disruptive challenges to fulfill requisite international or US CLE/CPD requirements. Consiglieri will provide a localized solution to this issue for Greater China legal teams. A series of exclusive, members-only online programs will provide this service to overcome timing and geographic obstacles. This will save companies the expense of overseas travel and long absences of their GC and IHC.

Keeping Up-to-Date

Consiglieri will organize programs and information-sharing related to important new international legal developments which are most likely to have an impact upon the responsibilities and roles of GC and IHC at multi-national companies. Consiglieri will provide information and know-how that is timely, practical, useful, and easy to digest and internalize.

Pooling Resources

Consiglieri will organize and share access to resources, publications, conferences, seminars, worldwide networks such as TerraLex and NAPABA on preferential group terms. Often international vendors of legal community services and publications may consider group package discounts for Members. To facilitate this, Consiglieri will publish a directory of Members and Services.

Peer Group Recognition

Consiglieri will organize peer group awards for outstanding achievements and assist its Members to garner the recognition they deserve in the legal and business community. These activities may be teamed with other professional groups. Too often, Members are not recognized by their senior management teams.

AsiaLaw Awards 2006 – Dick Thurston (centre), Vice-President and General Counsel of TSMC, receiving the Pamir Law Group Award for Taiwan In-House Counsel from Nicholas Chen of Pamir Law Group (left) and Martin Sinclair of AsiaLaw (right).

International Exchanges

Networking opportunities with worldwide and regional legal networks such as TerraLex and NAPABA (National Asian/Pacific American Bar Association, International Committee).

Social Programs

Cocktails, dinners, parties, seminars and conferences.

Continuing Legal Education Programs at Preferential Rates

The University of London's Queen Mary College offers a Master of Laws (LLM) Postgraduate Diploma in Law and a Postgraduate Certificate in Law available for external study, which may assist many Members or their colleagues who need cost-effective CLE or degree opportunities that do not require them to leave their homes/jobs for extended periods.

Scholarship Programs

For law schools and law students, as needed.

Mentoring Programs

For Members and law students, as needed.

Student Moot Team

Members will establish and train a world class team of outstanding law students, from Taiwan initially and then China, to compete in the US at the Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition (named after the first Asian-American Federal Judge) held every year at the NAPABA Annual Convention. The Tang Moot Court competition features the best teams from across the US featuring the finest Asian/Pacific law students. Award winners are recruited vociferously by in-house and government legal departments and law firms, and winners bring fame to their law schools as well as their coaches. In 2007, NAPABA’s International Committee has been asked to field a team from Australia and Taiwan. China and Hong Kong will follow in subsequent years.

Thomas Tang Moot Court Winners 2005, with Dr. Pearl Tang, widow of Judge Tang.

Charity and Pro-Bono Work

Members pool resources to assist our community needs with advisory services, events, silent auctions, raffles and other activities.


Consiglieri is directed by a Steering Committee consisting of:

  • Nicholas V. Chen, Pamir Law Group
  • Dick Thurston, General Counsel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
  • Frank Fang, Legal Director, Asia Pacific Region, Logitech Far East Limited
  • Robert Ranucci, Viewsonic International, General Counsel
  • James Yuan, Vice President and General Counsel, Mitac International
  • Steve Schulman, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, CLE Program Coordinator.
  • Ge Jun, Intel China Limited, Shanghai
  • Karen Sun, General Counsel, Metro Group, Shanghai
  • Arthur Hui, Deputy General Counsel, Tyco International Asia Inc., Singapore
  • Mao Rong, General Counsel, Kodak China